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Well made

Terribly boring story and dialogue, but excellent audio and voicing. Maybe you could get some hardcore writers to make this into something groundbreaking.

CU inspired toons can be successful!

Long sequences with little sound, akward character movements due to not wanting to draw more frames, rip-off of CU optimus prime drawing, and stale jokes. The cartoon is slow moving my man, and the constant flashbacks can be cool if done more properly.
But, the voice acting was pretty decent, and the writing wasn't bad. This was the first waterman that I actually found some chuckles in, but it was ruined by the drawn out silences between people speaking.
Get a better artist, get a better animator, and add some more sound.

I love Raffi

Not entirely original, but I love Raffi, so you win.

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No instructions anywhere.

So no help on how to play at all? I just press ASD randomly? Thanks a lot.

NegativeONE responds:

Heheh, at different points in time, I thought it might be a little bit obnoxious to put TRAINING in capitals on the Play menu, but I guess some people still aren't noticing it. Read it over and you'll have an easier time.

Just okay

Well polished and everything, but the basis is trite. The categories are FAR to broad, and the words are too obscure. Might as well have a category "house" and then have the word be "laserdisk player".


The music was treacherous though. It really hurt. But the levels were alright, not very many however. There should be a difficulty curve though, it seems like the hardest level is somewhere in the middle and the easier ones are spread out.
And I don't know about you, but that ending was very unfufilling. I had no idea what was going on.
Release more versions of this one with additons. It could be very good.

If knowledge were power, I would rule over half of Europe by now... I guess.

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